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CPR stands for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator

I stand for saving lives. What about you?


Look into the faces of the ones you share your life with. Could you help them, could they help you? Would they be scared or would they know what to do? Look at the faces in your workplace. What could you do to help if they choked, collapsed, or needed you? Look at the faces of the people who care for your children or your elderly parents. Could the coaches who push your child to work harder run faster provide life saving measures? Think of the bus drivers who transport children to and from school or drive late at night from their various school activities. Could they help, do they know how to react to save the life of a child who deserves their very best?

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If you find you might not have the knowledge necessary to save lives then who is to say the ones we count on around us would know what to do if they really needed to? There is a choice to learn and their is a choice to not learn. Either way will determine helpful or helpless actions. Why are you putting it off or phrasing CPR with the words " I've been meaning to" I hope the faces in your world have learned CPR & AED and keep the heart beating for those close to you. I can not say it more clearing that there will be no second chance. Dont take for granted others will know how to respond. Find out if they could help and for yourself instead of "been meaning to" find the time to Learn CPR. Learn to be helpful when there is a life on the line. No excuses. LEARN CPR


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