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Resonance Lost: CPR taken lightly

What I worry about as a CPR instructor…

I worry that I am not engaging enough to keep the attention of the individuals in front of me.

I worry that the information is taken for granted, too lightly, or seems unrelatable.

I worry that my tone of voice (which I even get tired of hearing at times) or demeanor is too dry, boring, authoritative or too assertive. (im not bossy, im direct)

I worry that the statistics, tips and life saving measures I write and speak won’t reach enough people both in person and on social media. (likes, shares, comments, invites- helps more people become aware)

I worry that I will never find the right portal to channel to help others become truly aware of the importance and urgency of CPR and AED knowledge.

· What I understand as a CPR instructor…

I understand CPR training isn’t a party or society’s idea of “best day ever” but if needed you will see it as time well spent. Priceless really

I understand professions and organizations requiring mandatory CPR training equates to about 96% of certifications I provide annually. Proving need for awareness to those not required to be certified.

I understand the challenge of encouraging others to share and attend voluntarily is huge.

I understand most people who have a cardiac emergency will die and do die everyday because not enough people help.

I understand busy schedules, finding sitters, hassle of taking off work early and I do my best to accommodate dates and locations to provide more convenient training so more people can learn.

I understand online training continues to statistically prove itself as inadequate preparation for any individuals, no matter their skill level, ability for performing correct cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

· What I hope as a CPR instructor…

I hope there is an understanding that I do my best to make the information relatable to each individual.

I hope you remember what I am saying, I wonder if anyone keeps the handouts as a review resource.

I hope the individuals who attend share the things they have learned with their family. (I hope the weight from hearing 90% of time cpr is performed it is one someone we know by someone we know)

I hope if there is a way, idea or need to improve the format of class that I receive feedback, so I can provide better training.

I hope you never have to apply skills I have trained you for and you have achieved certification for in your personal life.

· What I do NOT understand as a CPR instructor…

I don’t understand why more families who are expecting or have new babies or those with pools and children do not see how the relevance and importance of a family and friends CPR class trumps need or time and effort of planning gender reveals, showers, etc. Do both!

I will never understand not learning to provide the best, correct and most effective care possible needed for an emergency or not preparing your child for an emergency.

I don’t understand why time to learn CPR just seems so unimportant to so many.

I don’t understand knowing your chance of survival for a cardiac emergency depends on receiving CPR, AED still has little to no resonating effect on the public interest in attending a class. I will no longer excuse the excuses I hear about why there was never time to learn what should’ve been done for mom, dad, husband, niece, son, daughter, friend, wife …. who didn’t survive.

I don’t understand rationalizing poor choices. I think as far as choices good or bad we should accept, reflect, learn and inform. I will no longer help anyone decide their justification to leave CPR training last on priority list was acceptable. I won’t enable, because I won’t be in denial of it. When we know better, we then find ourselves with the choice of doing better or staying the same. Choosing to do better usually requires more effort but in return more reward. Choosing to know better yet not do better will have no benefit in life.

· What I, as a CPR instructor, want to let the ones who took the time and chose to read another CPR post is…

I am only one source, one voice, one advocate for sharing life saving information and awareness. My belief is there is nothing worth sharing more than the knowledge, papers, posts, pictures about how to help save a life.

I truly do appreciate those who continually share posts, invite family & friends to attend and have invited their friends to like the @cprclassesnow Facebook page. With a couple clicks your actions can put the right information in front of someone who otherwise wouldn’t have known…

Do not allow excuses to control actions. Reality consists of the direct simplicity of black and white facts. Yet, we find grey areas to shade and pamper our egos when we don’t want to accept the results of our actions should have been better. Only you know if you are prepared, if your family and children are prepared. Know better, Do better ~KP

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