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Why should you learn and be confident in CPR?

Why become confident in CPR?

CPR & FIRST AID TRAINING-Southeast Texas·Tuesday, January 30, 2018

CPR & First Aid Training Southeast Texas © 2017-2018 would like to encourage all communities local and beyond southeast Texas to learn basic life saving skills. I understand CPR isn't exactly an exciting class or event to plan. Assuredly, it is necessary.  As a  CPR instructor my motivation has and will continue to be driven by genuine passion for the preservation of life. Through years of research and  feedback I have designed a class that thoroughly provides memorable instruction for any individual. I provide techniques to aid in  prevention of accidents for all ages. Information is presented in a style all students, no matter the age will relate to.

Inevitably each year there will be instances of  heart attacks, accidents, drownings, allergic reactions from someone we know. We feel empathy for that person and their family. We silently find ourselves feeling thankful that it was not our loved one. During my class I repeat the importance for preventing a reason to say "it happened so fast" or  "I always wanted to take a CPR and/or First aid class." Knowing exactly what your role is during an emergency, with a MAJOR emphasis on how to react WITHOUT panic is the TOP priority in my class. A well thought out "game plan" unique to each individual will be achieved. There is no shame in not knowing at this moment what to do in an emergency, there was a time I took initiative to learn. Remember an opportunity for you is here. Take time to learn life saving skills that aid in a better outcome for instances we hope to avoid. Instruction is provided by the strict standards of American Heart Association's requirements. Through experience I have gained the ability to put the instances of cardiac arrests, choking, random injury, accidents, drowning, etc into a very real life scenarios. Matter of fact “this is how it's really going to be". How to maintain your composure. Reinforcement that panic solves nothing, and in my opinion, composure trumps fear. I encourage taking accountability by asking family or peers if they would be ready for a crisis. Learning is one more way to live the very best version of yourself.

CPR & First Aid Training Southeast Texas has been providing classes for years locally. In and around southeast Texas at various healthcare facilities, school districts, construction safety teams, refineries, childcare facilities, families with new infants, doctor offices, dental offices, etc.  CPR & First Aid training is available to share, instruct and provide knowledge to promote safety and the quality of life for the victims. Call, message, text, email or visit website for any additional information.